Character Sheets
Color-first character creation project

The original image
the original image by James V. West

The Solar System: Eleta the Jungle Girl, by Eero Tuovinen

The Fantasy Trip: Xocotzin, by Jason Morningstar

The Eighth Sea: Eagle Sky of the Snow Clan, by Michael Wenman

D&D + Greyhawk: Paulina, by Rod Anderson

HeroQuest: Karla Sword-Swallower, by Peter Nordstrand

Principia: Lilja, by Tony Dowler

SenZar: Scathine the Ice-Reaver of Jotun, by Paul Czege

Poison'd: Filthy Jackie, by Graham Walmsley

Barbarians of Lemuria: Freydis from Valgard, by Alexandre Jeannette (Kobayashi)

Donjon: Layla Stonecrusher, by Anna Kreider

Sorcerer + Sorcerer & Sword: Yaeta Fae-Touched, by Joel Shempert (Melinglor)

Toon: Connie the Barbarian, by Graham Walmsley, the cheater

The Affairs of Wizards: Praveena, by Jacob (lilomar)

Storming the Wizard's Tower: Unora, Horsehall Sword Maiden, by Kingston Cassidy

Talislanta: Frost, by Ara

Tunnels & Trolls: Bella, by Sean Musgrave (sirogit)

Risus: Jelena the Hired Blade, by Raven

Delve: Methild DuvGunnar, by David Berg

The Donut: Juno, by Jared Sorensen

Sexy Deadly: Tyris the Amazon Queen, by Lance Allen

Apocalypse World: Snow, by Vincent Baker

Escape From Tentacle City: Stephanie Glumwort AKA Frost-Queen Titania, by Willow Palecek

UniSystem Lite (Angel RPG): Svenja Frost, by Frank Tarcikowski

Traveller: Dame Kuula Ben'on, by Darcy Burgess

The Pool: Baroosa, by Christopher Kubasik

The Path of Journeys: The White Shadow, by Julie Stauffer

Trollbabe: Griselde, by Ed Heil

Land of a Thousand Kings: L***, by Ben Lehman

In a Wicked Age: Zahri, by Adam

Psi Run: Elena MacIntyre, by Meg Baker

Legendary Lives: elfin shaman, by Clinton R. Nixon

Red Box Hack: Nora, by Antoine

Color-first character creation project