In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

QD: A happy girl, promised in marriage to a gentleman, naive to the danger he represents.

10H: The child of a great and renowned theologist, forced into priesthood against both inclination and nature.

JD: A band of demons, laughing and malicious, authors of debauched sensuality and corrupt appetites.

3H: The sorcerously animate homunculus of a wizard, more clever than wise, recently dead.

God-kings of War

QD: An executioner, a strangler, in service to a ruthless king.

10H: A tender of war-bulls, shaved-headed and fearless.

JD: A vengeful and jealous god, displeased by the lapses of his followers, however scrupulously they observe.

3H: An unspeakable demon of atrocity and rage, bound in chains for a thousand years, aware suddenly of a minute loosening of his bonds.

the Unquiet Past

QD: The fey and unfriendly guardians of an enchanted glade.

10H: The meeting by chance of old enemies, one less forgetful than the other.

JD: A murderer-for-hire, luckless and in poverty, from whom the gods have turned their faces.

3H: The guardian of a tomb, a statue cast in silver with ruby eyes.

a Nest of Vipers

QD: A poor home shared by many families of beggars.

10H: A wizard jealously guarding her magical territory.

JD: A wayhouse in which plague-victims have recently stayed.

3H: An imbiber of sorcerous drugs, seeking congress with demons.