In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

4H: The night each year that a certain ghost is allowed her freedom.

9D: The secluded home of an exiled court-wizard.

3H: The sorcerously animate homunculus of a wizard, more clever than wise, recently dead.

5S: A famous traveling exorcist and his entourage, with as canny an eye for a village's wealth as for its demons.

God-kings of War

4H: A token indicating that its bearer speaks for the high general.

9D: A much-decorated company of the enemy's light cavalry.

3H: An unspeakable demon of atrocity and rage, bound in chains for a thousand years, aware suddenly of a minute loosening of his bonds.

5S: A great warship, set with ram and mangonel.

the Unquiet Past

4H: An ambitious petty-wizard, quick to take offense.

9D: A camp physician, her pockets full of salves and drugs.

3H: The guardian of a tomb, a statue cast in silver with ruby eyes.

5S: A cruel and powerful young lordling.

a Nest of Vipers

4H: A fallen-in mansion, where by night ghosts and devils meet.

9D: The corpse of a lord's hunting hound, caught in a rose-briar.

3H: An imbiber of sorcerous drugs, seeking congress with demons.

5S: The private garden of a noble house.