In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

5C: A raving prophet, preaching the transience of life and advocating a full indulgence of every appetite.

5D: A chattel slave who has broken both his bonds and his master's skull.

6S: An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.

6C: A small group of mothers, led by a midwife, fighting to protect their children from demons of illness.

God-kings of War

5C: A soldier's plain shortsword, gradually developing a taste for the blood of women.

5D: The arrival of unexpected and improbable allies.

6S: A flock of hunterbirds, sharp-beaked, clever, and dreadful.

6C: A brutish and tyrannical warlord and his uncouth thugs.

the Unquiet Past

5C: A place where warring demons have left the earth churned, upthrust, and charged with occult forces.

5D: A gutted tower, home to many birds.

6S: The convocation of a ruins' ghouls, gaunts, and wisps.

6C: The burglary of a magical order's innermost library.

a Nest of Vipers

5C: The young mother of a baby prince, whose husband the king has been overthrown and put to death.

5D: The solemnization of treaty between two neighboring principalities, negotiated in the face of brutality and assassination, brave and hopeful but quite doomed.

6S: An innkeeper who murders and robs his wealthy guests.

6C: A baby's birth, heralded by prophets, written of in antique books, forseen by the wise.