In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

KH: A young warrior, initiate into a warrior cult, brother to lions.

JC: The death of the primary heir of a local noblewoman.

2D: A woman suddenly bereft of love and family, daughter to a long heritage of sorceresses and poisoners.

7S: A slayer of monsters, heralded and lauded.

God-kings of War

KH: The ghost of a tyrant king, strangled by his own daughter.

JC: A powerful general's death of her wounds, which will shatter her army into factions.

2D: A cask of honey wine, tribute to a fierce bandit-queen.

7S: The guardian spirit of a foolhardy, naive, reckless and impressionable young person.

the Unquiet Past

KH: The arrival of honored emissaries from a wealthy, exotic land.

JC: A small room under the foundation, its doorway bricked shut, the prison of a dreadful and malicious spirit.

2D: The passage of a ghostly army, dragging their slain and injured.

7S: Instruments of torture, haunted by their long-dead victims.

a Nest of Vipers

KH: A night-wisp, who devours its victims' magical potency.

JC: The ghost of a suicide, a person overcome by guilt and shame, who finds in death no release.

2D: A midwife, weary and appalled, having delivered a tenth consecutive stillbirth.

7S: A fur-trapper, simple but good-natured, and his daughter.