In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

2D: A woman suddenly bereft of love and family, daughter to a long heritage of sorceresses and poisoners.

QD: A happy girl, promised in marriage to a gentleman, naive to the danger he represents.

QS: A warrior-priestess of a truly bloodthirsty cult.

10D: A note written in an elegant hand, sweetly perfumed.

God-kings of War

2D: A cask of honey wine, tribute to a fierce bandit-queen.

QD: An executioner, a strangler, in service to a ruthless king.

QS: The campsite of a traveling army, not long deserted.

10D: The country fort, made mostly of mud bricks, of a local warlord.

the Unquiet Past

2D: The passage of a ghostly army, dragging their slain and injured.

QD: The fey and unfriendly guardians of an enchanted glade.

QS: A golden armlet, still on the skeletal arm of its owner.

10D: The young, beautiful wife of an old man whom the gods have touched.

a Nest of Vipers

2D: A midwife, weary and appalled, having delivered a tenth consecutive stillbirth.

QD: A poor home shared by many families of beggars.

QS: A conjurer possessed by spirits of uncivil character.

10D: The written deed to a certain house, affirmed and sealed.