In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

4C: The graduation of an apprentice to mastery.

3H: The sorcerously animate homunculus of a wizard, more clever than wise, recently dead.

10C: The marriage of a region's most beautiful girl, necessarily virgin and without blemish, to the dead stone effigy of a harvest god.

KC: A bandit captain, in hiding, with her trusted bodyguard.

God-kings of War

4C: A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.

3H: An unspeakable demon of atrocity and rage, bound in chains for a thousand years, aware suddenly of a minute loosening of his bonds.

10C: A youth or maiden, the reincarnation of a great hero, whose soul remembers glory.

KC: An outlying watchtower on a wooded hill.

the Unquiet Past

4C: A new village built on the ruins of a forgotten people.

3H: The guardian of a tomb, a statue cast in silver with ruby eyes.

10C: A trainer of apes, bereft, mourning the death of his dearest performer.

KC: A treasure seeker, following the whispers of a slave spirit.

a Nest of Vipers

4C: The unwitting husband of a serpent-demoness.

3H: An imbiber of sorcerous drugs, seeking congress with demons.

10C: A devil of the lower air, malicious and full of pranks.

KC: A troupe of musicians for hire, one of whom is a burglar and cutpurse.