In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

5S: A famous traveling exorcist and his entourage, with as canny an eye for a village's wealth as for its demons.

10C: The marriage of a region's most beautiful girl, necessarily virgin and without blemish, to the dead stone effigy of a harvest god.

5C: A raving prophet, preaching the transience of life and advocating a full indulgence of every appetite.

9H: A wandering exorcist, severe, who accepts no payment for his services but who lusts after carnal congress.

God-kings of War

5S: A great warship, set with ram and mangonel.

10C: A youth or maiden, the reincarnation of a great hero, whose soul remembers glory.

5C: A soldier's plain shortsword, gradually developing a taste for the blood of women.

9H: A terrible and devastating ambush.

the Unquiet Past

5S: A cruel and powerful young lordling.

10C: A trainer of apes, bereft, mourning the death of his dearest performer.

5C: A place where warring demons have left the earth churned, upthrust, and charged with occult forces.

9H: The wetnurse of an austere scholar's adopted child.

a Nest of Vipers

5S: The private garden of a noble house.

10C: A devil of the lower air, malicious and full of pranks.

5C: The young mother of a baby prince, whose husband the king has been overthrown and put to death.

9H: A young widower, raging, whose beautiful wife was murdered by sorcery by a romantic rival.