In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

QH: The rehearsal of the funeral of the city's aged and beloved mayor.

QS: A warrior-priestess of a truly bloodthirsty cult.

4C: The graduation of an apprentice to mastery.

JD: A band of demons, laughing and malicious, authors of debauched sensuality and corrupt appetites.

God-kings of War

QH: A warrior-woman, queen of her small wild tribe, hard-pressed by advancing civilization.

QS: The campsite of a traveling army, not long deserted.

4C: A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.

JD: A vengeful and jealous god, displeased by the lapses of his followers, however scrupulously they observe.

the Unquiet Past

QH: A reader of omens and caster of auguries, with grim news.

QS: A golden armlet, still on the skeletal arm of its owner.

4C: A new village built on the ruins of a forgotten people.

JD: A murderer-for-hire, luckless and in poverty, from whom the gods have turned their faces.

a Nest of Vipers

QH: The return of a reclusive enchantress to her home.

QS: A conjurer possessed by spirits of uncivil character.

4C: The unwitting husband of a serpent-demoness.

JD: A wayhouse in which plague-victims have recently stayed.