In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

KC: A bandit captain, in hiding, with her trusted bodyguard.

5S: A famous traveling exorcist and his entourage, with as canny an eye for a village's wealth as for its demons.

8H: The local lord's daughter, tramping after strawberries.

6H: The alliance by marriage of a certain tyrant's family with the cult of a certain desert god.

God-kings of War

KC: An outlying watchtower on a wooded hill.

5S: A great warship, set with ram and mangonel.

8H: A day sacred to an oppressed slave cult, the celebration of which is punishable by torture.

6H: A speaker for the ancestors, carrying secrets and warnings.

the Unquiet Past

KC: A treasure seeker, following the whispers of a slave spirit.

5S: A cruel and powerful young lordling.

8H: The son of a great tyrant, born crippled and denied his inheritance.

6H: The bloodthirsty ghosts of those drowned in an accursed water.

a Nest of Vipers

KC: A troupe of musicians for hire, one of whom is a burglar and cutpurse.

5S: The private garden of a noble house.

8H: A decrier of the gods as false, unworthy of our attention, and his learned detractors, in heated dispute.

6H: A tower of silver and alabaster, which rises from the sea under the new moon.