In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

4S: A siren-ghoul, who entices the amorous into deadly peril.

2C: A monastery and its associated shrines, each to its own god.

8S: A simple insult, casually inflicted, striking very, very deep.

7S: A slayer of monsters, heralded and lauded.

God-kings of War

4S: A summoner of illusions and diversions, mild and of good humor, but gullible.

2C: An army's scryer, commanding six sharp-fanged gaunts.

8S: A prodigy-mage, still a maid, drunk with occult power.

7S: The guardian spirit of a foolhardy, naive, reckless and impressionable young person.

the Unquiet Past

4S: A market on the crossroads, full of sound and color.

2C: A scholar and antiquarian, unmindful of danger.

8S: A fearsome storm, with thunder and driving winds.

7S: Instruments of torture, haunted by their long-dead victims.

a Nest of Vipers

4S: One mistakenly condemned, fled into hiding.

2C: An ambitious farmer, hungry for gossip or silver.

8S: A warehouse on the docks, full of stolen silk.

7S: A fur-trapper, simple but good-natured, and his daughter.