In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

9H: A wandering exorcist, severe, who accepts no payment for his services but who lusts after carnal congress.

6D: A practitioner of luck-magics traveling ahead of a ferocious storm.

6S: An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.

2D: A woman suddenly bereft of love and family, daughter to a long heritage of sorceresses and poisoners.

God-kings of War

9H: A terrible and devastating ambush.

6D: The self-important master of strategy to a great general.

6S: A flock of hunterbirds, sharp-beaked, clever, and dreadful.

2D: A cask of honey wine, tribute to a fierce bandit-queen.

the Unquiet Past

9H: The wetnurse of an austere scholar's adopted child.

6D: A youth or maiden, the reincarnation of an ancient sage, remembering uncanny arts but forgetful of safeguards.

6S: The convocation of a ruins' ghouls, gaunts, and wisps.

2D: The passage of a ghostly army, dragging their slain and injured.

a Nest of Vipers

9H: A young widower, raging, whose beautiful wife was murdered by sorcery by a romantic rival.

6D: The murder by strangling of an officer of the city watch.

6S: An innkeeper who murders and robs his wealthy guests.

2D: A midwife, weary and appalled, having delivered a tenth consecutive stillbirth.