In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

JH: An altar overflowing with flowers and bowls of honey.

2D: A woman suddenly bereft of love and family, daughter to a long heritage of sorceresses and poisoners.

2C: A monastery and its associated shrines, each to its own god.

5C: A raving prophet, preaching the transience of life and advocating a full indulgence of every appetite.

God-kings of War

JH: The head of a high war-captain, in a carved wooden cask.

2D: A cask of honey wine, tribute to a fierce bandit-queen.

2C: An army's scryer, commanding six sharp-fanged gaunts.

5C: A soldier's plain shortsword, gradually developing a taste for the blood of women.

the Unquiet Past

JH: A hermit priestess, practicing obscure deprivations.

2D: The passage of a ghostly army, dragging their slain and injured.

2C: A scholar and antiquarian, unmindful of danger.

5C: A place where warring demons have left the earth churned, upthrust, and charged with occult forces.

a Nest of Vipers

JH: The burglary of the storehouse of a powerful robber-merchant.

2D: A midwife, weary and appalled, having delivered a tenth consecutive stillbirth.

2C: An ambitious farmer, hungry for gossip or silver.

5C: The young mother of a baby prince, whose husband the king has been overthrown and put to death.