In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

8D: Some great wizard's magical messenger, brass-skinned.

QD: A happy girl, promised in marriage to a gentleman, naive to the danger he represents.

8C: A band of goat herders, armed, outraged by an injustice visited upon their clan.

1H: A farm manor, peaceful and prosperous.

God-kings of War

8D: An order of magician-monks who punish blasphemers.

QD: An executioner, a strangler, in service to a ruthless king.

8C: A high, many-towered wall on a fierce border.

1H: A secret order of warrior-mystics, defending their relics.

the Unquiet Past

8D: A long-dead queen, still trying to defend her realm.

QD: The fey and unfriendly guardians of an enchanted glade.

8C: The father of a child possessed by a voracious spirit.

1H: A girl with the soul of a leopard, born inappropriately into a human body.

a Nest of Vipers

8D: A ghoulish eater of dead flesh, driven by unusual lusts.

QD: A poor home shared by many families of beggars.

8C: A tempter devil, fond of luxury and sin, respecter of no law and every appetite, imprisoned until this very hour and minute within a stone crypt behind an old monk's garden.

1H: A vicious gang of cutthroats and alley-thieves.