In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

2H: The ascension to mastery of a student wizardess, unrecognized by her order but absolutely clear and undeniable to her inner self.

7D: The much-contested wedding of the province's great beauty.

8D: Some great wizard's magical messenger, brass-skinned.

KC: A bandit captain, in hiding, with her trusted bodyguard.

God-kings of War

2H: An old, proud fortress on an important mountain pass.

7D: The site of a pitched battle, ground churned and stinking.

8D: An order of magician-monks who punish blasphemers.

KC: An outlying watchtower on a wooded hill.

the Unquiet Past

2H: A serpent-demoness, malicious and venomous, seeking vengeance.

7D: An apothecary, squint-eyed, with many uncanny potions.

8D: A long-dead queen, still trying to defend her realm.

KC: A treasure seeker, following the whispers of a slave spirit.

a Nest of Vipers

2H: A conjurer who needs blood to entice his uncouth spirits.

7D: A public bathing house in a wealthy city, of very good quality, where only the most refined and modish vices are permitted.

8D: A ghoulish eater of dead flesh, driven by unusual lusts.

KC: A troupe of musicians for hire, one of whom is a burglar and cutpurse.