In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

5C: A raving prophet, preaching the transience of life and advocating a full indulgence of every appetite.

10D: A note written in an elegant hand, sweetly perfumed.

6D: A practitioner of luck-magics traveling ahead of a ferocious storm.

4H: The night each year that a certain ghost is allowed her freedom.

God-kings of War

5C: A soldier's plain shortsword, gradually developing a taste for the blood of women.

10D: The country fort, made mostly of mud bricks, of a local warlord.

6D: The self-important master of strategy to a great general.

4H: A token indicating that its bearer speaks for the high general.

the Unquiet Past

5C: A place where warring demons have left the earth churned, upthrust, and charged with occult forces.

10D: The young, beautiful wife of an old man whom the gods have touched.

6D: A youth or maiden, the reincarnation of an ancient sage, remembering uncanny arts but forgetful of safeguards.

4H: An ambitious petty-wizard, quick to take offense.

a Nest of Vipers

5C: The young mother of a baby prince, whose husband the king has been overthrown and put to death.

10D: The written deed to a certain house, affirmed and sealed.

6D: The murder by strangling of an officer of the city watch.

4H: A fallen-in mansion, where by night ghosts and devils meet.