In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

10H: The child of a great and renowned theologist, forced into priesthood against both inclination and nature.

9D: The secluded home of an exiled court-wizard.

7S: A slayer of monsters, heralded and lauded.

6H: The alliance by marriage of a certain tyrant's family with the cult of a certain desert god.

God-kings of War

10H: A tender of war-bulls, shaved-headed and fearless.

9D: A much-decorated company of the enemy's light cavalry.

7S: The guardian spirit of a foolhardy, naive, reckless and impressionable young person.

6H: A speaker for the ancestors, carrying secrets and warnings.

the Unquiet Past

10H: The meeting by chance of old enemies, one less forgetful than the other.

9D: A camp physician, her pockets full of salves and drugs.

7S: Instruments of torture, haunted by their long-dead victims.

6H: The bloodthirsty ghosts of those drowned in an accursed water.

a Nest of Vipers

10H: A wizard jealously guarding her magical territory.

9D: The corpse of a lord's hunting hound, caught in a rose-briar.

7S: A fur-trapper, simple but good-natured, and his daughter.

6H: A tower of silver and alabaster, which rises from the sea under the new moon.