In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

6S: An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.

4C: The graduation of an apprentice to mastery.

10H: The child of a great and renowned theologist, forced into priesthood against both inclination and nature.

8H: The local lord's daughter, tramping after strawberries.

God-kings of War

6S: A flock of hunterbirds, sharp-beaked, clever, and dreadful.

4C: A hard-won victory, with many dead on both sides.

10H: A tender of war-bulls, shaved-headed and fearless.

8H: A day sacred to an oppressed slave cult, the celebration of which is punishable by torture.

the Unquiet Past

6S: The convocation of a ruins' ghouls, gaunts, and wisps.

4C: A new village built on the ruins of a forgotten people.

10H: The meeting by chance of old enemies, one less forgetful than the other.

8H: The son of a great tyrant, born crippled and denied his inheritance.

a Nest of Vipers

6S: An innkeeper who murders and robs his wealthy guests.

4C: The unwitting husband of a serpent-demoness.

10H: A wizard jealously guarding her magical territory.

8H: A decrier of the gods as false, unworthy of our attention, and his learned detractors, in heated dispute.