In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

3S: A camp-wanton, pretty and pliant, prone to drink.

10D: A note written in an elegant hand, sweetly perfumed.

QH: The rehearsal of the funeral of the city's aged and beloved mayor.

6S: An oasis of sweet water in a barren wilderness, haunted by the shadows of some vast atrocity committed centuries ago.

God-kings of War

3S: A warrior overcome with the weight of his weapons and the smell of gore.

10D: The country fort, made mostly of mud bricks, of a local warlord.

QH: A warrior-woman, queen of her small wild tribe, hard-pressed by advancing civilization.

6S: A flock of hunterbirds, sharp-beaked, clever, and dreadful.

the Unquiet Past

3S: A rough wolf-hunter, surly, filthy, and crude.

10D: The young, beautiful wife of an old man whom the gods have touched.

QH: A reader of omens and caster of auguries, with grim news.

6S: The convocation of a ruins' ghouls, gaunts, and wisps.

a Nest of Vipers

3S: A precocious child disputing with philosophers and declaimers.

10D: The written deed to a certain house, affirmed and sealed.

QH: The return of a reclusive enchantress to her home.

6S: An innkeeper who murders and robs his wealthy guests.