In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

4S: A siren-ghoul, who entices the amorous into deadly peril.

1S: A field of herbs and wild flowers, alive with bees, where a certain half-bestial creature brings his many lovers.

3H: The sorcerously animate homunculus of a wizard, more clever than wise, recently dead.

QC: The seizure of arcane powers by an arrogant and brutal wizard.

God-kings of War

4S: A summoner of illusions and diversions, mild and of good humor, but gullible.

1S: The very first time that a certain young soldier, impressed against his choice and wanting nothing more than to return to his home, has killed.

3H: An unspeakable demon of atrocity and rage, bound in chains for a thousand years, aware suddenly of a minute loosening of his bonds.

QC: An altar to devils of the waste, stinking with gore.

the Unquiet Past

4S: A market on the crossroads, full of sound and color.

1S: A slow-moving caravan with many wagons and travelers.

3H: The guardian of a tomb, a statue cast in silver with ruby eyes.

QC: A wandering intelligence, intent on driving mortals mad.

a Nest of Vipers

4S: One mistakenly condemned, fled into hiding.

1S: The daughter of an emperor, denied nothing, prey to fleeting whims, craving discipline.

3H: An imbiber of sorcerous drugs, seeking congress with demons.

QC: The warden ghost of the place, generous to the good-willed.