In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

7C: The seventh wife of a tyrant king, carrying his chief huntsman's child.

5D: A chattel slave who has broken both his bonds and his master's skull.

2H: The ascension to mastery of a student wizardess, unrecognized by her order but absolutely clear and undeniable to her inner self.

2C: A monastery and its associated shrines, each to its own god.

God-kings of War

7C: A sword held in great esteem by a certain warrior lineage, drawn now for the first time in three lifetimes.

5D: The arrival of unexpected and improbable allies.

2H: An old, proud fortress on an important mountain pass.

2C: An army's scryer, commanding six sharp-fanged gaunts.

the Unquiet Past

7C: A ruthless bully of an under-officer with high ambitions.

5D: A gutted tower, home to many birds.

2H: A serpent-demoness, malicious and venomous, seeking vengeance.

2C: A scholar and antiquarian, unmindful of danger.

a Nest of Vipers

7C: A noble house's signatory ring, left behind in a street brawl.

5D: The solemnization of treaty between two neighboring principalities, negotiated in the face of brutality and assassination, brave and hopeful but quite doomed.

2H: A conjurer who needs blood to entice his uncouth spirits.

2C: An ambitious farmer, hungry for gossip or silver.