In a Wicked Age
four oracles


A Penny for Your Thoughts

Blood & Sex

KS: A jealous and vengeful rival, who is an infamous dueler.

7D: The much-contested wedding of the province's great beauty.

1C: A spirit of the lower air, caught up in joyous human celebration.

10H: The child of a great and renowned theologist, forced into priesthood against both inclination and nature.

God-kings of War

KS: An enemy champion, fearless and bellowing.

7D: The site of a pitched battle, ground churned and stinking.

1C: A local warlord's ancestral sword, much honored.

10H: A tender of war-bulls, shaved-headed and fearless.

the Unquiet Past

KS: A wealthy merchant's son, refined and crafty.

7D: An apothecary, squint-eyed, with many uncanny potions.

1C: A waystation on a broad road, with a campsite and shrine.

10H: The meeting by chance of old enemies, one less forgetful than the other.

a Nest of Vipers

KS: A village executioner, practicing his trade on a caught burglar.

7D: A public bathing house in a wealthy city, of very good quality, where only the most refined and modish vices are permitted.

1C: A jaded gladiator, murderer of both enemies and friends.

10H: A wizard jealously guarding her magical territory.