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kill puppies for satan
an unfunny roleplaying game

here's what hep game designer Jonathan Tweet says:

"I love it. The tone is consistent and funny ... I liked telling people, 'There are no misspelled words, no misused words, no sentences that are non sequiturs, and no paragraphs that aren't actually paragraphs.' The bits on Satan and God are great. I showed Puppies to all my cool game designer friends, and they all liked it, too."

nice, huh? can't ask for better than that.

here's a bit about the game. but first, look, it's called kill puppies for satan, that's pretty much the plot, and it's all swearing all the time. if that's not your thing, then for crying out loud don't click on the links. you don't need the hassle.

also, please read what the puppie lovers have a heart org has to say. the puppie lovers have a heart org raises all the best criticisms of the game, and offers a startling and very funny alternative: kill barbies for satan. i hope they write it as a game, honestly. i'd buy it.

anyhow here are some excerpts.

and from cockroach souffle, the first supplement:

so that's pretty good.

people occassionally ask me if the game's actually playable. to my surprise and delight, the answer is yes! you can read about:

you can also visit the kill puppies fun house, which not only does the link work but it actually has some stuff in it, like limericks and this bit about hell and what jonathan tweet didn't like about the game and even the game's secret message, revealed! plus it's poignant! whoda thunk?

satan, sad to say, can't afford uppercase letters.

get some kill puppies for satan