2015-12-21 : AW:Fallen Empires

Now on my Patreon: Apocalypse World: Fallen Empires.

The Bonepicker
When you’re lying in the dust of fallen empires guts aspilled, for whom do you pray? The gods? This is their doing, all of it. Your bold comrades? If you could rely on them you wouldn’t be here. Your precious old mother? She’s a darling but what will she do for you but weep and mourn. No, you pray for death’s gray bird, a bonepicker, to lay a hand upon you, and the cauter, and to tell you whether you will live or die...

2015-11-11 : Playing Nature's Year

Meg's running a Kickstarter for her new book, Playing Nature's Year. It's eight short seasonal wishing, fortunetelling, and storytelling games, plus essays for each.

Check it out!

Playing Nature's Year

Video here: Playing Nature's Year - Video Update!

2015-10-29 : Freebooting Venus Playtest Document

Hey, I'm releasing a playtest document for Freebooting Venus! Sign up and get the document here:
Freebooting Venus - Playtest 1

Questions and observations welcome as always.

2015-09-08 : Threeforged Challenge: Public Voting

Paul Czege's Threeforged Challenge has gone to public voting! If you read at least 5 of the games - they're short - you get to rank them, and the top-ranked finalists go to the judges.

#Threeforged on G+
+Meguey Baker's mini-reviews
+Jason Morningstar's callouts
+Christopher Weeks' randomizer

2015-08-31 : This August Past

You wouldn't know it from my blog here, but this August past has been super eventful!


We took Sebastian, our oldest, away to college. You may remember Sebastian from such episodes as:
888 times 8 ("the worst math problem I know")
Pendragon is like Universalis except you only play one character and there's this thing called a GM and

More here: 2010-02-08 : Seriously like the blink of an eye.

Nowadays, if you find him on G+ you can read his writeups for the Apocalypse World game he ran all summer for his friends.

Hard to conceive that he used to be so small, great grown-up kid that he is!

The #Threeforged

I'm participating in Paul Czege's Threeforged Design Challenge. It's a good one. I sent away a first draft to who-knows-who. I received a first draft from who-knows-who, worked it up into a second draft, and sent it away to who-knows-who. Now I've received a second draft from who-knows-who and it's my job to finish it.

The contest is huge, with 120-something initial submissions, and it's had amazing followthrough so far, with 110-something second-stage submissions. I would not have guessed.

Here's a bit of an observation about it. Most of the participants I see commenting on it, think of the first draft they submitted as "their" game, and the second and third drafts as someone else's. Not me! I'm curious to see what comes of my earlier work, of course, but I find myself always thinking of the draft I'm working on now as the one that's "mine."

Local History

We went and saw the Van Gogh exhibit at the Clark, which was good, but on the way back we stopped at the site of a 19th-Century marble quarry and mill, and in ways it was the more interesting, if you can imagine. I feel a little bit like I've spent my life starved for history, and now that I've realized it, I can't get enough.

Early in the month, Meg and I went to a great presentation by a couple of local historians - one a Deerfield historian, one a Nipmuc historian - about the massacre and battle at Peskeompskut, late in King Philip's War. We sat on the bank looking across the Connecticut at the hill where Turner launched his attack and they double-teamed us on historical context, interesting details, and the no kidding ongoing fallout and consequences of the battle.

Like, right now the fight over the route of the Kinder Morgan pipeline through Western Mass depends on the federal designation of pieces of Gill, Turner's Falls, and Montague as historic battlefields and "traditional cultural places." Federal designation brings with it more legal oversight, including the participation of the Nipmuc Nation, the Wampanoag Nation, and others.

It's like the man says, the past didn't go anywhere. We hear all the time that the US has a short history, but I've come to think this is unthinking, complacent, a point of view that serves power.

Battle Moves

Oh and I shared a preview of Apocalypse World 2nd Edition's battle moves with my Patrons. So that's fun.

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