2017-06-24 : Roleplaying is a Conversation?

"Roleplaying is a conversation," Apocalypse World says, to its GM. But what I'd say to someone designing a game is different. To them, I'd say that conversation is the medium in which a roleplaying game plays.

Chess isn't a chessboard with its pieces; a chessboard with its pieces is the medium in which Chess plays.

2017-06-07 : Failure in RPGs (by Paganini)

Quoth my old friend Paganini:

It used to be like this:

DM: The plot is behind that locked door.
Fighter: I pick the lock.
DM: Ye can't pick ye lock, you're a fighter. Bring a rogue next time.
Fighter: *goes and does something else, missing the plot*
- OR -
DM: Roll!
Rogue: *rolls 100 or so times over the course of the next 3 days, fighting off concomitant wondering monster attacks, until one of a few things happens:*
1. He finally rolls that 20
2. The party gives up and leaves, thus missing the plot
3. The wandering monsters wipe out the party
4. The DM gets bored and has his Precious Favorite NPC, Dios ab Mechanicos, briefly poke his head around the corner and wave his Wand O' Knockin' at the door, leaving the party wondering why good ol' Dios doesn't just finish the whole adventure for them.

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2016-12-12 : Love, Warmth, Good Will, etc.

Epimas is coming! After the year we've had, maybe we could all use some good straightforward holiday cheer.

Here's what's up with Epimas:

• You buy some game PDFs as gifts to be delivered to your friend, family member or assorted loved one on Dec. 24th.

• You immediately receive copies of the game PDFs for free so you can read them over and be prepared to play them with your friend, family member or assorted loved one on Dec. 24th.

This year, Father Epiclaus (that is, Epidiah Ravachol) has put together 8 bundles of games to choose from. Check them all out here: Epimas Bundles - Worlds Without Master.

If you're looking for Apocalypse World 2nd Ed, it's in the Good Will bundle.

Happy Epimas, and to all a good game!

2016-11-20 : Butt Trumpets

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2016-07-26 : Amazons!

My newest game, Amazons, is out! It's in Worlds Without Master Issue 11, available now.

Amazons is a Sword & Sorcery rpg for two players and two or more GMs. The two players play two Amazons, devoted friends and traveling companions, and the GMs share responsibility for the troubled and perilous situation they find themselves in.

Last time we played, the amazons fought off a sea monster's spawn, yelled at some Vikings, and placated the dawn-goddess of an otherwise forgotten pantheon.

I created the game to celebrate Tanith Lee and the essential point of view that her stories brought to the Sword & Sorcery genre.

Check it out if you want, and if you like good new Sword & Sorcery stories, comics, and games, you should be following Worlds Without Master anyway.

As always, I'm happy to answer any questions you have. If you've read the game, what do you think?

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